2 til 40: (a brief and hasty reckoning)

2 til 40: (a brief and hasty reckoning)

So I haven’t written in 2 weeks and only hours remain until my 5th decade on earth begins. How is this possible? I remember turning 20 (somewhat hazily), but I remember lots of other stuff that happened when I was 20 like it was pretty recent history. I don’t want the next 20 years to go as quickly as the last 20 have! PLEASE SLOW DOWN!! I can’t quite believe that tomorrow is the last day of my thirties. Where did that decade go? I guess I got a Masters degree, got married, changed jobs (or at least positions within the same company), bought a piano, bought a car (a VW diesel, don’t get me started, I’m saving that for the first few raging blogs of my forties), had two kids, left my job, went back to my job, bought a house, left my job again, started a blog, posted songs on You Tube, started my star chart, became an aunt (6 times), lost 2 grandparents who both lived into their late 90s, lost my dog/soul mate, purged a very significant amount of clutter from my life, gained weight, lost weight, laughed, cried, read War and Peace, watched Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Battlestar Gallactica, and The Office in their entirety, visited a bunch of different countries (the UK, France, South Africa, Spain, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Costa Rica, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, LA), met new friends, saw old friends, cooked some new things, grew some flowers and put them in vases. I guess when I look at it this way its been a pretty great decade.

I will take some time tomorrow morning to give a full update on the countdown but never fear, progress continues (and time marches on!).

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  1. Robert

    Righteous. For your birthday I read your blog. Sounds like a pretty good month or two. I hope you’re enjoying your shades and your dirt pile. I hope your back feels better. If you want me to take the leaded glass scotch decanter of your hands I’ll be glad to. A decade can seem to fly by for sure, but when you really start to think about all you’ve done it seems impossible. Love ya, and here’s to the next 40!

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