Like pulling off a band-aid

Like pulling off a band-aid

Thanksgiving is over. It’s been almost a week since I’ve posted a new blog. I had a late night with an old friend and I actually have to do work for my real job today. What’s a girl to do?

Oh, oh – I know! I will post that YouTube video for the world to see (and by ‘the world’ I mean the 50 friends on Facebook who may see that this has been posted and that is scary enough!) This video is dedicated to the MBHS class of 1993. Also to Mike Tramutola and everyone on my IHP trip who suffered (and supported me!) through the creation and performance ‘worldwide’ of numerous similar songs. For the record, all details pertaining to myself and the judges are totally factual. I may have bended (or totally falsified) the truth about the pageant winner using a bit of artistic license.

I’m sure there are really excellent reasons not to post this video. My mind is just a little foggy right now and I can’t think of what they might be (well, I can think of what some of them might be) so without further ado….

6 thoughts on “Like pulling off a band-aid

  1. PJ

    I love these posts. It is like a visit with you whenever I open one up.

    I especially like the bandana-printed spatula in the foreground and how much Bonne Maman jam you needed to eat in order to store your beans so orderly.


  2. Sarah Lugaric

    Oh wow, you are so amazing, Jen – yahoooooo!!!! So proud of you for ripping off that band aid! I laugh more every time I hear this song…

  3. Jennifer Schmidt

    I’m proud of you for doing this. Feels good to sing out loud for all to hear, doesn’t it. I so miss dancing my heart out to a stadium or gym full of people. And singing, too. Although there is no chance in hell I would have gotten on that stage my senior year if you hadn’t been there with me! 🙂 Miss you…are you coming home for the holidays? Jen

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