There is caffeine in Kombucha

There is caffeine in Kombucha

So, remember those blogs about the trouble I was having sleeping?? It turns out, there is a small amount of caffeine in (most) Kombucha. As a new convert to fermented foods, one small change I had made was to start drinking about a half bottle of Kombucha most days (which, if you are not brewing it yourself, is not an inexpensive habit. I don’t buy coffees/teas out in general and I’m only drinking a half bottle a day, and not every day, but that is still about a $10 per week habit that I wasn’t spending before.)

I would usually open the bottle around lunchtime and drink it between lunch and dinner and, especially with the grape+chia flavor, I would often find that I had finished the whole bottle. With my off-the-charts cortisol levels (I’m working on it), I can’t drink decaffeinated tea after noon and hope to fall asleep at night. So drinking Kombucha at 5 pm was a definite recipe for disaster/insomnia.

Anyway, I just wanted to report that the mystery is solved. It is not all of my exciting ideas keeping me up at night. I can probably go back to reading fiction in bed. It was just the Kombucha. So now there is also a no-Kombucha-after-lunchtime policy, which is a bummer because I was really enjoying it, but I enjoy being able to sleep even more.

Next up: 25 lucky days comes to an exciting close and the launch of the new blog!!!

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