Today — on a whim — I decided to try my hand at fundraising for a cause I believe in. So I set up a fundraising page for Upcycle Creative Reuse Center (based in Alexandria), posted it on Facebook, sent emails to a large number of my contacts and we’ll see what happens. I think, as a fundraising strategy, it has some flaws. BUT, Upcycle, at last count, has $95 now that it didn’t have 2 hours ago so I will call it a successful experiment and will report back at the end of the day to update the final tally.

Here’s the blurb I wrote about Upcycle on my fundraising page and here’s the link to the page:

UpCycle creates a space for something that I deeply support and believe in. Community members donate materials that would otherwise be thrown away: fabric scraps, old yarn, bottle caps, leftover tiles, broken jewelry, old jars, picture frames, scrap paper (you get the picture!) and they teach kids and adults how to turn it all into art.

What I love about upcycle is that it teaches people to look at matter, at whatever you have in front of you, and think about what you can make from that, how to create. I also love that it teaches us to think about alternative uses for all of the STUFF that flows through our lives every day.

Upcycle (CRC) is a relatively new and very small nonprofit in Alexandria. I would love to see them grow and share what they’ve learned and develop a curriculum for working with schools (which is something they are hoping to do with enough funding).

I set up this page today because I want to help create the kind of world I believe in, and places like Upcycle are an important part of that vision for me. I would love your support, even if you don’t live in Alexandria, VA, and I’m trying to get a $10 donation (or more if you feel like it!) from 25 people by the end of the day. If Upcycle gets enough donors today they can win additional funding support.

Thanks for reading this far. Have a beautiful day ; )

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