What’s next

What’s next

Blogging is sort of like keeping a diary and sharing it with all of your friends. And also people you haven’t spoken with in 20 years, and distant relatives, and faraway strangers. And possibly perverts.

Luckily for me, right now it’s just me and 300 or so of my closest associates and, as far as I’m aware, no one that I don’t already personally know.

So, today is the last day of my formal employment with a company I’ve worked for since 2002. There have been brief pauses in that employment, but no other employers in the meantime. It’s a pretty big deal for me and, contrary to my usual blabiness, I’m going to keep most of my feelings about it to myself. As with any job, there are great people and there are struggles. There is also a balance to strike between the things in life you need to do and the things you want to do – and hopefully with some luck and lots of hard work, the line between those two can be thinner and thinner until what you ‘need’ to do is also what you want to do.  Or at least that you feel peaceful and grateful about what needs to be done in your life.

Sorry, getting philosophical and digressing here. Today = last day. Tomorrow = first day of the rest of your life.

What to do? What to do?

1) Get on that Xmas shopping
2) Empty some of those boxes
3) Return recent purchases from annual Blue Mercury holiday party
4) Make list of all the things I want to blog about:

  • voicemail: how come as soon as I finally listen to all of the messages in my voicemail which are mostly from my mom, just as I had expected, it seems like it only takes days before it is full again and there I am dreading having to find a pen to write down whatever those people are saying in all those damn messages, only to finally listen, again, and there’s mom, again, not telling me what day or time she’s calling so i have no idea what she is referencing in all of these cryptic messages?
  • blog stats: here i was feeling pretty good about all of my ‘unique’ visitors and pageviews when I realized that I, myself, am viewing the blog from at least 5 different devices, and so are members of my family, so say 100 unique visitors would only have to be like 10 family members actually reading the thing. BUT I did have 114 views of the pageant song. Of course, again, that could be mom watching it while she’s calling me on the phone to leave messages.
  • beauty. The whole Blue Mercury experience/blog has stirred up a whole can of stuff inside me thinking about beauty. The industry, how certain things make me feel, what I would like to feel. Feelings, feelings, feelings. Lots of stuff going on with that so a possible area to explore in 2015.

5) Make list of projects to work on/blog about:

  • STUFF. I have embarked on a project to edit my possessions. Plan to blog about this starting in the new year.
  • MORE SONGS. I want to record some of the other songs I’ve written and also to write some new songs like the pageant song.
  • ROCK OPERA. I have an idea for a very brief rock opera (i don’t know what i mean by that term – i’m going to tell a story, using the medium of rock songs).

I have two posts that aren’t just me thinking aloud that I want to write next – one is sort of serious and one is not. I haven’t posted a blog to Facebook since the song and haven’t written anything I especially feel like sharing since then either. There’s a lot going on this time of the year, family visiting, moving houses, feeling guilty for not shopping, feeling guilty for shopping, feeling guilty for feeding my kids like they are on the South Beach diet while I secretly eat a bag of cheese curls (think cheetos but made in heaven).

Next time I write I will be self-employed (I keep thinking of Laraine Newman “I’m an artist and an entertainer”). I’m excited about the next chapter. Really excited. Just not totally exactly sure what I’m doing exactly. Stay tuned…


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