19 til 41… Not giving up yet

19 til 41… Not giving up yet

Haven’t managed to do any of the tasks I had mentioned in my last post for a potential 41 till 41 countdown. The first days of kindergarten and life in general have proved to be just about all I can manage in the last couple of weeks. There has been a heavy feeling in my gut every time I watch that tiny little thing walk off with her backpack all on her own, so proud and so independent. I miss her. And also thank goodness she’s in school because she and her brother were about to make me lose my mind. But I really miss her.

I was thinking about how to devise a list for my countdown, what the principles could be.

I made a list – what I want more of in my life and what I want less of. It looked a bit like this:

More: wind, mountains, oceans, breathing, music making, writing, good smells, experiments, showing love, laughing, cleanliness, celebration, routine, family meetings, chores for kids, sunshine, movement, nurture

Less: shouting, back pain, debt, saying things I don’t mean, undone

(Undone are all of those things that you encounter, as a physical reminder or in your mind, that every time you see it it reminds you of a decision that you haven’t made or a thing you haven’t done.)

So i thought about making a list of tasks to increase one group and decrease the other but haven’t managed to do this yet. What have I managed to do?

  1. Clear off the top of the piano
  2. Plant fall lettuces
  3. Unwrap wooden spoons and put in drawer for using
  4. Make yard bouquets and put throughout the house
  5. Go to the native plant store
  6. One family meeting/family star chart
  7. Tried 2 new recipes (ham+cheese strata, apple crisp)
  8. Buy new cleaning supplies

Other ideas for to dos in the next 19 days:

  • house plants (already on previous list but really want to do this)
  • some kind of aromatherapy diffuser or those sticks (look into healthy options)
  • make apple cider vinegar toner
  • bathtub
  • bath fixtures
  • new sheets
  • go for a walk
  • backyard beds (choose plants)
  • plant front yard plants
  • do a tour to find ‘undones’ – make a list and move the objects

41 – 8 = 33

33/19 = 1.7

doable but the next couple of weeks are going to be pretty intense work-wise so I may have to be creative!

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