12 til 41…small steps

12 til 41…small steps

A few more items (completed) to add to the list:

9. disassemble faded, crumbling wedding bouquet. Compost most of it. Take dried lotus pods and arrange them in vase on dresser. LOVE IT.
10. clear planting beds in backyard of weeds/ivy
11. wash Snoopy and clothes (mine from childhood) – now stink-free and usable
12. dance with kids. Sam loves So Lonely (Maggie used to call it Salami)
13. connect speakers to stereo (so we can listen to old records)
14. clean grandmother’s tea cart and bring up from basement (still not sure where it will live)
15. Fix: bubble shooter, ladybug nightlight, sam’s workbench, fan, black table knob, miss kitty, maraca

And a few more ideas:

  • hang wind chime
  • replace basement windows
  • make a boat with Maggie
  • clear and remove basement ‘to do’ shelf
  • have a tea party with Maggie and Sam

So, current tally:

26 to go – 12 days = 2.16 per day to get to 41

I’d like to be able to be more thoughtful about this, but I do feel like there is good change happening at our house lately. Clearing that piano top and turning the bouquet into something that I love to see instead of something that every time I see it I wonder what I’m going to do with it. When I see these changes, every time still, I feel a good feeling, instead of a heavy feeling.

I did recently finish reading Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Tidying. It was helpful and gave me some good ideas. I’ve also been inspired in the past few months by Zero Waste Home and have been working to make some changes (more buying bulk, for example, has really stuck so far).

Now to switch gears and try to finish some “actual” (i.e., paid) work!

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