25 days of good luck

25 days of good luck

I found a shiny New Hampshire quarter, minted in 2000, face up while walking in to Trader Joe’s this afternoon. I felt that it was auspicious so I bent down and picked it up, not knowing at the time about the year or the state. The bonanza would have been an Alabama quarter minted in 1975 — that would have surely been a sign from the heavens. But as state quarters were not around that long ago, and as New Hampshire was my first home away from home and 2000 the year I settled in what I had no way of imagining would be my home for the past 17 years, I have been able to find a way to make this quarter super meaningful (maybe i just need something to hold onto!).

I’ve always loved finding coins in the street. Always checking the date believing that finding my birth year, or really any year to which I can attach some specific important connection,┬ábodes well for the period of time represented by the number of cents the coin is worth. Lucky penny, lucky day. Lucky nickel, a good work week. Lucky dime… you get the point. So a quarter — whoa. Interestingly, I found a ┬áten dollar bill last fall outside of my car and had every intention of donating it to a charity, which I never got around to doing. I’ve made charitable donations in the meantime, but none that I specifically tied to that find. And I didn’t think of finding cash as “lucky” (not in the sense that I would then have 1000 lucky days to follow).

So I found this quarter today and now I’m set to have 25 lucky days. (Bearing in mind that in general all of my days are lucky days in the grand old lottery of life.) 25 lucky days starting on April 18. So that means good luck through May 12. Which doesn’t mean bad luck after that, just that this is a window of opportunity for lucky things to happen. So I’ve determined to make good use of this window. Which is why I’m posting a blog for the first time in over 5 months.

I have lots of plans up my sleeves and I’ve been quietly working away at many of them and maybe, just maybe, I can use some of this luck to move some things forward.

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