36 til 40 Countdown (#4): Finishing

36 til 40 Countdown (#4): Finishing

A number of items on my 40 till 40 list are things that have been on my various to do lists for months or years (finish my wedding album, for example) (I’ve been married 8 years). What’s been great about this exercise so far is that it has really helped me get perspective and has made it easier to just finish stuff. I’ve had a piece of paper reminding me to think about joining the North Ridge Citizens Association for like 6 months sitting on a stack and I look at it just about every week and put it back in the stack. Ugh. So today I joined. It took less than 5 minutes and now I never have to look at that piece of paper again.

My secret formula is this. When something pops into my head or I see one of those ‘reminders’ lying around (a broken appliance that i keep meaning to call about the warranty) I think : “Do I still want to be dealing with this in my forties?” If I don’t then I either put it in the giveaway pile, recycle it, give it to my sister or DO IT. Whatever it is. (Full disclosure – or i put it into the growing ‘Sell on Ebay’ pile which has become a bit overwhelming itself and will probably be sorted pre-40 with most of it going to the donation pile because I am not going to look at that Lenox Holiday Covered Warmer (with rack) for another 8 years (though watch out family, i have also considered regifting all of this for Christmas this year). (Further note: I would never put a broken appliance in the giveaway pile. But i’m not sure where I would put it which is probably why I still have these broken appliances).

There is just so much unfinished business around here and not enough time in one life to finish it all. So i’m making some choices. It’s good. But not always easy.

So the actual item finished today was a contract I was working on. It is now totally complete and crossed off of the list successfully. Hooray – it definitely feels good to finish things. Now time for sleep.


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