39 til 40 Countdown (#2): 85 Billion Bugs

39 til 40 Countdown (#2): 85 Billion Bugs



Today I made lots of progress towards a few of the items in my 40 till 40 list:

I worked on my large ‘inbox’ of random pieces of paper that remind me of various things that I’ve been meaning to do for long periods of time (Item: clear ‘inbox’ before 40).

I vacuumed every room in my house (Item: have a clean house before 40). I also changed all of the sheets in the house and put all of the various hand knit baby blankets in the laundry basket.

I tested a paint color in my kitchen (Item: paint kitchen wall).

I left voicemails for two long-lost friends (Item: get in touch with people who have been important to me in my first 40 years).

I bought some stuff at Whole Foods that is supposed to make your house smell better (Item: have a house that smells good by 40). For the record, it did not work well. Any pointers on good-smelling houses welcome.

I decided that some things that have been sitting around my house as ‘to dos’ are never getting done ever so i got rid of whatever was reminding me that they were not done.

I haven’t decided how this 40 till 40 thing is going to work because most of the items can’t be finished in a single day but i’d like to cross one thing off per day. So the list is likely to evolve.

However, one item could be crossed off today. Item 2, day 39 (counting backwards), was to buy a probiotic. I’ve heard lots of good things about probiotics and cultured foods and have been meaning to add something to my life: unsweetened yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, miso. I’m going to look into these in the future, but figured I’d like to cross into 40 with a few extra gut microflora. So hooray. Done! I also bought a fridge magnet.

By the way, I never do this. If i see something like a fridge magnet I notice it and think maybe someday i’ll find one i really want or it will be a good time to get a fridge magnet. I don’t know why I never ever buy things (maybe i’m just totally overwhelmed by the number of things there are to buy). But i really, really liked it. And so i bought it. Because when i’m 40 I want to surround myself with people I love, things I am excited to be working on, and (only) stuff that inspires me to live the kind of life I want to live each day. So i bought the magnet (pictured above).

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